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The last five minutes in my apartment were chaos. I opened the door to the porch, and in the thirty seconds she was out, Elsa managed to catch one of those five-inch mutant Okinawan grasshoppers. She's a natural hunter; I appreciate that she's good at it. But she brings it in the house, lets it loose, hunts it AGAIN as I chase them both like something in a Benny Hill sketch, and tries to take it to her spot on the couch. I chase her off, she tries to find a new gnoshing spot. I tell her 'no,' rinse and repeat.

Finally, I manage to convince her to take it out on the porch, and this thing looks so beat up that I figure the most humane thing to do is to put it out of its misery. So I shoo the dog back inside, grab a giant textbook, apologize to the thing, slam the book down...

...and NOTHING. Totally unfazed, it hops around and tries to get back into the apartment. And I'm standing there with this heavy, totally impotent book and mentally screaming "WHY WON'T THIS END" as I try to chase Rasputin off our porch.

Finally, he manages to get between the gaps in the railing and escape, and I praise Elsa for the glorious hunt she just had and give her dog-safe pudding as a reward. Two bites in, and she decides she wants the bug instead.

Honey, I love you, but I am not scrubbing bug guts off of the couch and brushing your teeth again.

(If you were unaware, Okinawa is covered in a myriad of beautiful, fascinating, and FUCKING ENORMOUS insects. Needless to say, my dog is grinding her 'kill things' skill tree.)

Where to buy the Blasto T-shirt!

I completely forgot to post this!

I made a Spreadshirt shop for my Blasto and Fleet and Flotilla shirts. If you want them, they're in a bunch of sizes and colors!

Feel free to point other ME fans this way. =)

Last call

Okay, I have one Blasto t-shirt left. Women's size L. $20 - paypal, preferably. I'm going to the post office tomorrow morning to mail things. First one to claim it gets it.

Pictures: Mass Effect's FemShep!

My first cosplay ever! And of course it's from a Bioware game. xD My primary Shepard, a female vanguard.

All photos by Kevin Soucie.

Photos and costume details below the cut!Collapse )

So overall, I'm pretty proud of how this turned out! My hair worked, the outfit worked, and I think my expressions and poses are very Shepard, at least the way I played her - sarcastic, frank, and damn good with a gun.

I had a lot of fun. A lot. Being dressed like her was surprisingly satisfying, and I loved every minute of it.

There are kind of a lot this time around - favorites (from each set and overall!) are very welcome and very helpful.

Preview: FemShep cosplay!

I had my photo shoot today!

After pushing through the dark pit of darkness that is looking at pictures of myself (why can't body image issues disappear with the end of adolescence?), I'm starting to sort them and find shots I like.

So here's a preview! It was just a wardrobe test shot, but I ended up liking it anyway.


The main components of my Alliance BDUs are done! I'm opting out of those stupid-looking kneepads, though. No freaking way, thankyouverymuch.

I'm also doing a more formal, feminine FemShep with a black sheath dress, simple pumps, and a bitchin' leather jacket. We're going to try and shoot in some rubble. I thought it would be interesting to do the shoot with some bandages, holding white lilies, like she just got out of the hospital.

ANYWAY! Shoot is tomorrow afternoon, up in Worcester!

Things I have yet to do:
- Alter t-shirt
- Raise the butt hem on the outer pants (may be a bit complicated)
- Finish the belt
- Put temporary N7 stripe on jacket
- Make a quick gun holster
- Make/find bandages
- Iron dress
- Do some location research, find some rubble/ruins
- Find a florist I can hit up on the way

If anyone has any recommendations for ruined/collapsed/burned/demolished buildings in the Worcester area, please let me know! I'm a little low on ideas, and it's kind of a focal point of the shoot.


A little while back, I commented on Facebook that my new haircut makes me look like one of the FemShep presets, and neuromancerzss said that I should try to cosplay it. I wasn't sleeping well at night anyway, so I had hours of nothing to do, so I thought - why not?

And now, of course, I'm super into it. It's my first time trying to be a particular character, and it's a really neat challenge! I'll be interpreting it to be a little more like my Shepard, but following the outfit design of the Alliance casual fatigues... with a Blasto t-shirt. xD

This is the Alliance BDU that I've been crafting. I put it together in basically one night from:
Black Men's BDU combat jacket
N7 patch
Systems Alliance patch
N7 stripe (ribbed red and white ribbon)
Spectre pin (Made from a LASER. I played with lasers.)

Special thanks to my brother for trying it on so that I could pin things in place. No blood was shed.

Images below cut!Collapse )

I'm so proud of how this is coming along. This is stuff. That I'm making. And the shoot is Tuesday, so I have a deadline to work with now.

Components of the whole outfit:
Combat boots (DONE)
Blasto T-shirt (DONE)
Arc Pistol (DONE)
BDU Jacket (DONE)
Camo pants
Pants overlay

I'm thinking of also doing a kind of softer, prettier Shep in the first part of the shoot. Maybe a little black dress with heels and the BDU jacket? Holding flowers? In a ruined building? I'll figure it out.

Back to work!

Pictures: Brookemarsh!

Brooke is one of my oldest, very dearest friends. We've been together since Womblandia. And since we both moved away for college, haven't seen each other a lot. But she had some time before her work shift, and so I threw some earrings on her and we got in the car, dressed as she was, and tromped around in the semi-marshlands out near the piers and Gaspee jetty.

I really like how this set came out - I can look at some of the shots and think: "Yeah, this seriously feels like Brooke."

More under the cut. Queen Anne's Lace abounds.Collapse )

It was a short, chill, impromptu, and really, really enjoyable shoot. And the backdrop was beautiful. Like Brooke. <3

Hang out with Haz!

So, if I were to do a "Hang out with Haz!" party in the Camberville area, when would be a good day?

When could you make it?

Friday 8/3
Friday 8/10
Friday 8/11


Mass Effect shirts arrived!

So, my Mass Effect t-shirt first prints arrived. I LOVE THEM.

They are, unfortunately, not my size. If anyone in the MA/RI area (especially if I plan to see you at a party or event!) is interested in a red Blasto t-shirt or pink Fleet and Flotilla T-shirt (both Women's L), please let me know! Especially as I don't plan on opening the shop for a while yet.

They are $19 (Blasto) and $15 (Fleet and Flotilla). Obviously, I'm not going to charge shipping. xD


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